My first port of call after graduating university was the wine trade – it was there I really began to develop a real love and understanding for the dark art of food and wine matching!

I’m always fascinated to see how different foods and wine interact with each other – how some can complement and even enhance a dish and on the flip side, how picking the wrong wine can actually take away from your dining experience – the last thing we want!

And so, in conjunction with creating you a bespoke menu I am thrilled to offer (at no extra cost):

— Wine pairing advice tailored to your menu
— Help sourcing and recommending some excellent deals
— Acting as sommelier for your event – talking you through the wines, giving you a little background at the start of each course and why it’s been chosen to complement the food.

In addition to this, if you and your friends would like to dig a little deeper into this fascinating subject, I am more than happy to work with you in hosting an event dedicated to learning about food and wine matching in all the forms it takes:

From wine tasting for beginners – giving you an overview of matching flavours, understanding the principles behind it – matching 6 different wines and 1 fizz with tapas style food, to learning about the wines of different countries and regions with food to match – from cheese and charcuterie, to canapés and tasting menus.

Please do get in touch with any ideas and enquiries so we can create your perfect event with wine and food to match!

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